Happy New Year!


Slightly early but, it’s been fairly silent over here on the blog since Christmas..but that’s expected. Surprising that only a week has passed since Christmas but it feels like an eternity! Anyway, things will pick up again in the next week, don’t you worry, so until then…HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you for sticking around with me for the past half year or so, and here’s to hoping you all stick around for another half year or more! Expect great things and growth in 2016! ūüôā

Stay safe and have fun, friends!

P.S. This is my 100th post, what a great day for the 100th post to fall on!

Random Ramblings: Update #6 – Identity Crisis?

Update #5 can be read huuuurr. 

Who am I and what is this blog? Get ready to get lost in my thoughts:

If you’ve read one of my recent posts about my career aspirations, you can tell that I’ve wanted to be A LOT of things. And to this day, I STILL want to be a few of those things. Lately, I’ve been binge-watching Youtube videos (non-beauty related videos), my excuse for this binge-watching is that I want to make sure I watch everything and get caught up BEFORE¬†I’m in med school ūüėõ But this binge-watching has started to build up this passion inside of me that¬†has always been there, it’s like a nagging passion that requires some sort of attention. It made me realizeRead More »

Product Review: Quo by Orly Color Amp’d Nail Polish

Last week I posted a NOTD featuring the colour Fashion Forward, a Quo by Orly nail polish from¬†the Color Amp’d line. I was really curious about this line as it is a seemingly new release in Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.


Above is what the display looked like, $9 for the individual polishes ($11, regular price). They have a decent variety of colours that come in¬†glitter, creme, neon, and holo-metallic finishes. I quite like the packaging, I’m not going to lie.

So what IS the Color Amp’d line, Read More »

When I Grow Up…

‘…I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star
I wanna be in movies’ – accurate.

Since I’m at that point in my life where my future career path is well¬†on the way of being paved out, I thought I’d reminisce all the occupations that have crossed my mind. In my 22 years of being alive, I’ve considered a wide spectrum of potential occupations, some more realistic than others. So here is the list, in no particular order.Read More »

NOTD: Quo by Orly Color Amp’d Fashion Forward


I have been doing SO well with my nail polish low-buy, and it has been way easier than I had anticipated! I guess the main reason that I’ve been refraining is because of my dilemma of not being able to bring¬†even close to a quarter of my collection with me to Australia…the struggle. I’ll probably do a post about what I AM bringing to Australia….oh boy, have to choose wisely, but I have an idea.

Anyway, since the last update of buying nail polish,Read More »

#TBT – Coming Soon: Essie’s Retro Revival

So Essie is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2016, and in celebration they are re-releasing 6 discontinued nail polishes as part of their Retro Revival collection. These six polishes are some of their most popular colours from the past. Essie Canada promoted the reveal of five polishes through cutepolish from Youtube, the sixth polish will be revealed by Essie on December 10th!
The five polishes revealed on the channel so far areRead More »

Product Review: Burt’s Bees Kissable Colour Gift Set


Burt's Bees Warm Collection

I love me some Burt’s Bees, and I’m sure you know someone who loves Burt’s Bees too!
So Burt’s Bees has some super fab gift sets available for the holidays, for some super¬†rad prices!¬†When I saw the display at the store, I knew I had to pick something up, even though I didn’t really NEED to. I picked up the Kissable Colour gift set ($10)¬†in the Warm Collection.Read More »